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Welcome To Two out of Three "21" website

"2 Out Of 3" is a new card game created by Walter Mims.
It combines the option of a 3-card side wager with a variation of the popular game of Blackjack.
The game is played with 6 standard decks of Blackjack cards.
Walter is the inventor of "2 Out Of 3" and several other more challenging games for casino enthusiasts.
Mathematical statistical analysis was completed by Stanley Ko. "2 Out Of 3" is presently approved in Mississippi and Washington State.

* If you're in the casino or gaming industry,
and you're interested in buying or leasing "2 Out Of 3"
please contact us.

Why play "2 Out Of 3"

  • * Free and Simple To Play!

  • * Attractive To Skilled & Casual Players!

  • * Easy To Deal!

  • * Complete Statistical Analysis Done!

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